Friday, February 26, 2010

POP CULTURE blog entry for Monday, March 1

Here is the blog entry assignment for the Popular Culture Learning Community... Answer the follwing question: How "real" is the TV you watch? To answer this question, think about the television shows you watch and discuss the ways they are realistic or not realistic. Think about this a bit before answering; most shows can be considered realistic in some ways and unrealistic in others. For example, some people might say that the Simpsons is realistic because it shows a dysfunctional family... even though it is a cartoon in which many unrealistic things happen.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Welcome Sucess in College and Beyond Learning Community!

To S2: MC/DC's many fans: we have added a new set of student blogs. Go to my links (coming soon) to click on students' blogs from the "Success in College and Beyond" Learning Community--a combination of my English 001 class and Dr. Cathy Wilson's Student Development class, "First Year Experience." Looking forward to getting to know their virtual selves in this forum.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Blog entry for Monday, 2-15-10: music lyrics

Here are the directions for your blog entry for Monday, February 15: 1. Choose a song you like. 2. Write down the lyrics. 3. Punctuate the lyrics correctly as if the song were sentences, with periods, commas, etc. 4. Write the lyrics, correctly punctuated, in your blog entry.

Some notes: treat the lyrics as if they were sentences, in paragraphs. Don't leave them in the original "lines" from the song. Those probably aren't in sentences. If you find the lyrics on the web, fine, but you will have to edit them into sentences with punctuation. Lyrics on the web aren't already like that. See these examples: