Sunday, February 15, 2009

I ride the bus

I'm an expert at riding the bus. I takethe S2 bus from 16th and V Northwest, Washington, DC, to Alaska Ave and Georgia Ave. Then I cross Georgia Avenue, cross Blair Park, and I'm at work: Montgomery College, Takoma Park / Silver Spring Campus. Back again on the S2 after work, unless it's the 79 Express down Georgia Avenue to the Georgia Avenue metro stop, then two stops on the Green Line to U St./Cardozo stop, then either a 90-something bus down U to 16th, or walk. Headphones are a must, especially in the morning before coffee, to drown out conversations. Coffee is a must--the bus drivers don't seem to care, and I've never spilled. SmartCard is a must--standing there putting coins and bills in the machine is for chumps. And one more must--greeting the bus driver getting on and saying thanks getting off.

In this blog i'll be writing about my experiences on the bus, among other things.